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Plumbing & Heating

Many of the plumbing problems that you experience in your home can be fixed without the need of a licensed plumber. If your faucet is dripping, it may just need a washer, a spring and bonnet or some packing that needs to be installed. Has your toilet started running in the middle of the night for a few seconds? It may be the flapper is not sealing properly. Again, another small task that can be taken care of easily. Not sure what a flapper is? Look inside the toilet tank, you will see a part in the middle that lifts up when you flush. Behold, the flapper.

We have a wonderful selection of EdenPURE Infrared Heaters. Never heard of them? They are what’s latest and greatest in home heating technology. Rather than heat the air like a normal space heater would, these infrared heaters actually heat the objects in the room, drastically cutting your winter heating expenses. Instead of wasting energy to heat unoccupied space, the infrared heater only heats where and when you want it to, allowing you to lower your gas, propane, electric or oil-burning furnace output. It also eliminates the risk poisonous gasses like Carbon Monoxide from entering your home. The non-combustion heating of these infrared heaters does not create toxic gas. They also preserve oxygen and humidity levels by not drying out the air in your home. Dry air can dehydrate your skin and sinus cavities and increases susceptibility to airborne infections. And don’t forget, safety is number one! The cabinet on these heaters does not get hot, and there are no exposed heating elements that could cause a fire. Also, no pilot lights to re-light, no gasses, soot or ash. Clean AND safe! With several models to choose from, come see them all and decide which will work best for you!

Feel free to take a photo of the problem with your cell phone and bring it in. We all have different names for the same pieces and parts. The “do-hickey”, that “thing-a-ma-bob”, the “whatchamacallit”. Whatever you call it, we can usually identify the problem and often give you easy to follow instructions to fix it yourself.